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“Daybreak At The Oasis” by Joan Blond : A Framed Print on Canvas

Art Print by Joan Blond Art Prints #JB04




Joan Blond is a Melbourne artist who hails from the beautiful Yarra Valley. Joan’s art has hit an “aesthetic nerve” with art collectors both locally and internationally.

Joan has a wonderful sense of colour, her contemporary abstract expressionistic artworks leap out at you as a celebration of life and nature.

Joan is collaborating with Tusk Gallery to produce a stunning range of art prints.

Each print will be supplied with a certificate of authenticity hand signed by Joan.

This piece is part of our “framed canvas art print” Australian made range. The artwork is printed on 100% acid free cotton canvas using a solvent UV curable ink finished with a 100% hardwood timber canvas floater frame which is 60 mm deep. Images are available in the original size plus several others to suit your personal needs.