“Earthrise” a small framed art print by John Martono

Art Print by “Earthrise” a small framed art print by John Martono #JM4961




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As well as his larger original silk paintings with hand stitched embroidery John Martono did a series of smaller 50x50cm pieces. We’ve now released them as a print range, size 55x55cm. There are two options A) a framed print with a white border framed in a simple, contemporary 20mmx60mm deep Tasmanian Oak box frame (black is also an option) and B) a framed canvas. The frame is a natural coloured 60mm deep gap frame, the canvas sits in the frame and there is a 5mm gap between frame and canvas, similar to what you would see in a gallery (mocha is also an option). These frames are fabulous for filling a smaller spot on your walls or simply leaning on a mantel.
John Martono is a highly respected artist who hails from Bandung in Java. He has a PHD in textile design and lectures at Bandung University as well as singing in his own very popular blues band. His beautiful and unique silk paintings (which feature hand stitched silk embroidery) are highly prized in art collections all around the world. Tusk Gallery first struck a relationship with John in 2014 and we have been exhibiting his originals since then. Tusk also collaborates with John to create a range of exquisite art prints on canvas and paper.
John’s artworks are timeless.