Ethereal : Paitoon Jumee : PJ5928

Art Print by Paitoon Jumee Art Prints #PJ5928




Paitoon Jumee has recently given his approval to Artscope to produce an incredible series of prints of his Portrait series. The prints are printed on canvas and Framed in a 60mm deep Australian hardwood shadow line “gap frame”.
The default size is the same as the originals but other sizes can be discussed. There is also the option to have them printed on high quality Belgian Linen. Default size is approx 150x200cm.
This is a unique opportunity to own your very own full size Framed Canvas print by Paitoon Jumee.

Paitoon Jumees bold female portraits and stunning figurative male nudes are highly sought after by collectors all over the world.

Paitoon Jumee is a Thai painter, born in 1978. He studied at Thai Vijitsil Art School and then graduated from Thaï Pochang University in 1998. He trained in many areas, like sculpture, xylography and lithography, but chose painting. Paitoon Jumee draws inspiration from human beings to paint his imposing portraits. The latter is ever-present in his paintings, and often highlights Buddhism. Emotions on the faces are intensified due to the use of bright colors. Paitoon Jumee stages human beauty, through painting. He also paints on masks, focusing his work on portraits. Paitoon Jumee uses several techniques in his compositions, like drawing, stencil work, colour, superposition, collage…Modern and striking, his style carries the spectator to a coloured and poetic universe.