Genji in Exile at Suma, a reproduction “Ukiyo-e” print by Chōbunsai Eishi

Art Print by Chōbunsai Eishi #JAPCE103
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This reproduction of a Japanese woodblock “Ukiyo-e” print is available in several different formats.

Available as an unframed print on 250 GSM archival paper (with a white border) or cotton canvas in several sizes, this will be freighted to you (worldwide) in a PVC tube.

For our Australian clients we offer framed prints. First option is a stretched canvas print framed in a 60mm deep hardwood canvas float frame in various sizes and frame colours or as a framed print on 200 gsm paper on clay coated foam with a white border and a 20mm wide and 60mm deep hardwood box frame finished with glass/perspex, also available in various sizes and frame colours.

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Genji in Exile at Suma, from the series Genji in Fashionable Modern Guise (Fūryū yatsushi Genji: Suma) ca. 1791–92

Chōbunsai Eishi Japanese
Two women and a girl play with a kitten. The beach at Suma, with boats sailing in Osaka Bay, is visible beyond the open shōji, the veranda, and a stand of pines. A design of fishnets adorns the kimono of the central figure. This left-hand sheet from a print triptych recasts the episode of Genji’s exile in Suma with stylish ladies in Edo-period clothing in place of the male companions who accompanied the protagonist in the tale. The artist, Chōbunsai Eishi, born into a high-ranking samurai family, would have been familiar with such up-to-date fashions worn by Edo’s social elite.