Rejected Geisha #5, a print by Keisai Eisen

Art Print by Private: Keisai Eisen #JAPKE1069




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One of the most eccentric ukiyo-e artists, Eisen was frequently found drunk in brothels, and in his later years actually became the owner of one himself. His coquette is a far cry from the lovely aristocratic beauty portrayed some three decades earlier by Utamaro. Her angular features, long slanting eyes, half-open pouting lips with a touch of iridescent green, little red ribbon and suggestive crook of a finger betrays her coy and slightly wanton nature.

The canvas print is stretched and framed in a 60mm deep hardwood gap frame, available in natural Oak and Mocha colours. The paper print is 50x75cm and includes a white border. It is printed on archival paper.