Oriental Birds #3, a framed canvas or print on paper

Art Print by Oriental Birds #3, a framed canvas or print on paper #SK03

Oriental Birds #3, a framed canvas or print on paper




Oriental Birds #3 is available in several different formats and sizes.
Firstly let’s look at some definitions. It’s important that you read this.
Framed Canvas Print – Printed on 100 gsm acid free cotton canvas using solvent UV curable ink finished with 100% hardwood timber canvas floater frame 60 mm deep. Available in a natural oak colour or black. The canvas is stretched and then framed.
Sizes – 54x54cm, 64x64cm, 84x84cm, 94x94cm, 104x104cm
Framed Art Print on Paper – Printed on 200gsm paper on clay coated foam using solvent UV curable ink, the artwork image has a white border and is finished with clear float glass or perspex on top. 100% Australian made. Hardwood Box Frame generally 60mm deep and 20mm wide. Natural Oak Colour or Black.
Sizes – 54x54cm, 84x84cm, 104x104cm,
Stretched Canvas – Printed on 200 gsm acid free cotton canvas using UV curable ink. Stretched over a 30mm deep pine stretcher bar with black edges on the canvas . Please note, this option does not have a frame but it is ready to hang.
Sizes – 80x80cm, 100x100cm.
Paper Print on Archival Paper – we also offer an art print printed on 300 gsm archival art paper, ready for framing. Please note – there will be only one size available, generally 100x100cm paper size which includes a white border, the image is approximately 85x85cm. You can take this to your own framer and get it framed to your own specifications.
If you have any special requests you must speak to our staff.
The frame adds approx 4cm to the overall size. So for example, if the print is 100x100cm the finished frame print will be 104x104cm. This does not apply to stretched canvases.
Each artwork is individually created for you so production time may be up to 4 – 5 weeks from time of order.