String Quartet : Kitti Narod : KN524

Art Print by Kitti Narod Art Prints #KN524




Available as a framed print with a white border (as shown) or as a framed canvas print in a 60mm deep Australian hardwood shadow line “gap frame” with glass. Default frame colour is natural (oak colour) but there are other choices. Available in all formats and sizes.The first image shown is for the framed product, the framed print has a white border, the framed canvas does not. The default is a 105x105cm Framed Canvas print with a 60mm deep natural oak coloured shadow line frame. When ordering please note that the canvas must be in a shadowline frame.
Framed : 55x55cm : 85x85cm : 105x105cm : 116x116cm
Framed Canvas : 55x55cm : 85x85cm : 105x105cm : 125x125cm : 145x145cm