The Outer Robe, a print by Utagawa Utamaro

Art Print by Private: Kitagawa Utamaro #JAPKU239




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The Outer Robe  ca. 1795

This copy of a Ukiyo-e print is available in several different formats. It is available as an unframed print on 250 GSM archival paper or cotton canvas, this will be freighted to you in a PVC tube. For our Australian customers we also offer framed prints. First option is a stretched canvas print framed in a 60mm deep hardwood canvas float frame in various sizes and frame colours or as a framed print on 200 gsm paper on clay coated foam with a white border and a 20mm wide and 60mm deep hardwood box frame, also available in various sizes and frame colours. Freight prices apply.

Kitagawa Utamaro Japanese
Seated figures were displayed to particular advantage in the standard, vertical oban format, which allowed the portrayal of full-length figures at close range. The robes, rather than the woman wearing them, could be said to be the subject of this print. In contrast to the practice of using outlines to contain areas of color, Utamaro here flaunts his skill by dispensing altogether with line, concentrating solely on pattern.
The print is from the series Nishiki-ori Utamaro Gata (“New Patterns of Brocade in Utamaro’s Style”), perhaps produced in response to his rival, Shun’ei, who at this time was making oshi egata, pasted fabric pictures. Dispensing with real fabric, Utamaro chose instead to convey lifelike reproductions of fashionable fabric.