Woman Relaxing After Her Bath, a reproduction “Ukiyo-e” print by Kitigawa Utamaro

Art Print by Kitagawa Utamaro #JAPKU241
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This reproduction of a Japanese woodblock “Ukiyo-e” print is available in several different formats.

Available as an unframed print on 250 GSM archival paper (with a white border) or cotton canvas in several sizes, this will be freighted to you (worldwide) in a PVC tube.

For our Australian clients we offer framed prints. First option is a stretched canvas print framed in a 60mm deep hardwood canvas float frame in various sizes and frame colours or as a framed print on 200 gsm paper on clay coated foam with a white border and a 20mm wide and 60mm deep hardwood box frame finished with glass/perspex, also available in various sizes and frame colours.

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Woman Relaxing after Her Bath, 1790s

Kitagawa Utamaro Japanese
Utamaro was the first artist to use okubi-e, the large-head portrait, to depict women. This format allows him to focus solely on the facial features critical in conveying a woman’s emotions, while the elimination of the background removes all narrative from the print. In this picture, Utamaro represent the bather as an icon; the robe, towel and slightly tousled hair become her symbols. Her refreshed mood is shown by her squinting eyes and slightly open mouth, as if she is sighing in relief. Unlike Harunobu, who focuses on colour harmony, Utamaro uses only a few simple colours, so as not to disturb his concentration on the figure.