Cheryl Petersen Art Prints

Cheryl Petersen Art Prints

Artist, art teacher, jewelry designer, gallery curator and resident artist of Cheryl Petersen Art Prints, Cheryl has been painting ‘from her heart’ for the past couple of decades.

“I’m always in the right space for painting. I get lost in the trance and rhythm created when I connect my mood at the time to brush and then to canvas.”

From as far back as she can remember she loved to draw and to write, these were two constant friends throughout a somewhat turbulent childhood. She found the courage to reunite with one of these friends, drawing, by enrolling as a mature age graphic design student, majoring in illustration at Monash University in 1998.

For many years she worked as an illustrator for children’s books, her work regularly in demand. However, this was not where her passion lay, and so with the support of her husband, she sold up her home to finance Cheryl Petersen Galleries. She now lives and breathes, exhibits and teaches painting, her passion.

The rich, vibrant, organic yet clean lines of her acrylic and mixed media works brought to life on canvas ooze optimism. Her use of mixed media, including gold leaf, brings depth to the voice of the painting.

Cheryl’s works have won several prizes and awards including Flinders Art Show ‘Best in Show’ award in 2010, People’s Choice Award at last year’s Derinya Art and Craft Exhibition and received the Judges Commendation at the Oakhill Members Art Show.

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