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Miertje Skidmore Art Prints

Miertje Skidmore Art Prints

Western-Australian born and now Adelaide-based artist Miertje Skidmore’s work is widely represented in respected galleries throughout Australia, and is rapidly being sought by collectors within Australia and overseas countries in both corporate and private collections, including that of Princess Monika of Germany.

Miertje’s large-scale abstract pieces use colour as the main form of expression. According to Miertje, “Art often is seen and felt as an enlightening and emotive personal experience.”

Miertje has collaborated with Artscope to create a beautiful range of limited edition giclee prints, numbered and signed by the artist.

To read more about Miertje’s unique creative process please visit: http://tuskgallery.com/2016/01/06/inside-their-studio-miertje-skidmore/

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