Ukiyo-e : Pictures of the Floating World

Ukiyo-e : Pictures of the Floating World

Welcome to our Ukiyo-e Print Collection.

You can read a wee bit on this page about this art form but if you want to know more click this link.

If you want to see more work by any of these artists click on the “artist image” and you will find a link to their individual collection.

I have been fascinated with this wonderful period of Japanese Art since the late 1970s.

There is an interesting story about how this fascination with Ukiyo-e influenced the future direction of my life which I have written about in a blogpost.

The prints we offer are not the originals.

You can still find some originals online but our purpose is to simply make this beautiful, influential art form more available to anyone who shares our love for the elegant and sometimes exotic and erotic translation of life in Japan in the 18th and 19th centuries. They offer a wonderful voyeuristic window into the Edo period.

We offer several formats (find our more here) but essentially you can purchase prints on archival paper or cotton canvas which we can send to you anywhere in the world rolled (in a PVC tube). If you live in Australia we offer the prints framed or stretched and framed on canvas ( as well as rolled). Delivery can be organised for a fee. It would be far too expensive to send framed prints internationally.

Ukiyo-e, often translated as “pictures of the floating world,” refers to Japanese paintings and woodblock prints that originally depicted the cities’ pleasure districts during the Edo Period, when the sensual attributes of life were encouraged amongst a tranquil existence under the peaceful rule of the Shoguns. These idyllic narratives not only document the leisure activities and climate of the era, they also depict the decidedly Japanese aesthetics of beauty, poetry, nature, spirituality, love, and sex.

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