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New Images and other stuff from Artscope

May 31st, 2017Blog2 Comments »

New Images and other stuff from Artscope

At last I have some time to work on the Artscope website. I’ve been caught up at Tusk Gallery for sometime now as we have expanded the size of our Camberwell, Melbourne Gallery then I had a nasty accident where I fractured my left elbow so badly that I became the talk of the Melbourne orthopaedic community. As usual, there’s always an excuse.

I’ve also been learning a bit more about how websites work and how to resize images so bit by bit I am endeavouring to create a more user friendly site for you.

For now I’m just going to plop a few new images into this blog so if you have any questions you can e-mail me at gary@tuskgallery.com.au or ring on (Australia 61) 0425 774415.

We are trying to get more pieces up on the walls at our Kilsyth showroom, which by the way is not always open. If you want to have a look ring Georgie on 0425752105 to make an appointment, we don’t live too far away.

If you go to “Print Catalogues” at the top of the Homepage you’ll find heaps of Galleries covering many and varied styles of art. I’m trying to introduce more of my favourite 20th Century art as well as some fabulous Japanese Ukiyo-e style images from the Edo period.

Most prints are available framed or as canvas pieces that are framed with a 60mm deep Australian hardwood shadow line frame. These look fantastic.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this if you got this far.

More soon…………..

2 Responses to “New Images and other stuff from Artscope”

  1. Merilyn Pettigrew says:

    About 6 months ago I saw a painting of a ladies face and she had like foliage for hair and I think flamingoes through out and I was wondering who painted that and how much it was please.
    Kind regards
    Merilyn Pettigrew

    • admin says:

      Hi Merilyn I’;ve just seen your e-mail/request. Sorry I haven’t got back earlier. I’ll send an image and other details via e-mail.
      Gary Collier

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