Tusk Gallery Artists on The Block : Glasshouse

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Tusk Gallery Artists on The Block : Glasshouse

A few weeks ago one of Channel 9’s top rating shows “The Block” started a brand new series called “Glasshouse”. The building the contestants are renovating is just around the corner from Tusk Gallery South Yarra.

3 of the 5 couples visited Tusk and purchased artworks for their rooms.

At about the same time we were wondering how we could promote our artists to a far wider audience.

That’s why life is so wonderful in 2014. You can have an idea and turn it into a reality within days.

At this moment “Tusk Fine Art Prints” was born. It’s still having it’s nappies changed and learning how to breathe, walk and talk. Like a new born baby it’s still a bit uncertain and clunky but we love our new child.

The first artist we published was John Martono. John’s beautiful artwork “Intrigue” was used in Darren and Dee’s first guest bedroom reveal and has been a huge hit.

We’ll soon be releasing prints by Carolyn O’Neill and Pila Pansumrit.

Stat tuned…………

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